Commemorating World Day of the Sick with Assisi Hospice


To mark World Day of the Sick 2023, members and companions of the Order visited the patients of Assisi Hospice Day Care Centre on 10th February to share some gifts, company and good cheer.

When bringing our prayers and friendship to those who are sick and suffering, we are always humbled by the kindness, warmth and courage of those we are privileged to visit.

Pope Francis once told a group of sick and disabled pilgrims that they were “an asset to every Christian community”. He said: “Your silent presence, which is more eloquent than a flood of words, your prayers, the daily offering of your sufferings in union with those of Jesus crucified for the salvation of the world, the patient and even joyful acceptance of your condition – all these are a spiritual resource, an asset to every Christian community. Do not be ashamed of being a precious treasure of the Church.”

Indeed we are moved by the eloquent witness of those who bear their sufferings with dignity, patience and courage. Together with the pope, we affirm their great value as treasures of the Christian community, and commend ourselves and our vocations to their prayers.

May God continue to inspire us to love the poor and the sick, and to give ourselves generously in friendship to those we serve.

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