Dedication of the Singapore chapel at the Basilica of St. Mary Magdalene, Magdala


A group of pilgrims comprising members, associates and friends of the Singapore Association made the pilgrimage to the Holy Land from 18 to 26 December. One of the high points of the pilgrimage was the blessing and dedication of the Singapore Chapel at the new Basilica of St Mary Magdalene, Magdala, Holy Land on 20 December.

Fundraising toward the construction of a Chapel at the Basilica began in 2007 was initiated by Knight Gabriel Oon. By mid 2013, USD307,000.00 was raised in support of the Chapel. This amount exceeded the initial target of USD250,000.00.

After dedication massThe Singapore Chapel was named “Jesus Walks on Water”. The pilgrims were mostly benefactors who contributed to the building of the Singapore Chapel. Their donation is a token of their gratitude and thanksgiving to God for His unconditional love. The entrance procession into the Singapore Chapel, singing Pope John Paul II’s favourite hymn ” Pescador de Hombres (Lord, you have come)

The pilgrimage was not only gratifying, it was a deep spiritual experience for the pilgrims. Many shared personal testimonies of deep wounds being healed and faith being renewed – a journey toward being true sons and daughters of God.

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