2012 AGM


Singapore Order of Malta held its 9th Annual General Meeting on 7 March 2012. At the Conference Room of the Assisi Home & Hospice, 22 members were present with 6 Associates and friends attending by invitation. The proceedings were presided by President Michael Khoo. The Annual Report tabled by the Executive Committee and the Audited Accounts for 2011 were approved. Highlights of the year’s events reported were the September Pilgrimage to study the roots of the early Christianity in Asia Minor and the roots of the Order and the Outing for the Elderly Folks of St Teresa’s Home to the Singapore Zoological Gardens. Members were reminded of the importance of faith formation and the need to strengthen individual spirituality.

The Executive Committee continues to serve for another one year in accordance with the rule that the first Committee elected upon the formal adoption of the Constitution shall hold office for three years. However, the Chancellor and the Treasurer offered to step down owing to physical impairment and heavyset responsibility in another office, respectively. Dame Rose Lu was elected the new Chancellor and the Assistant Treasurer, Knight Alphonsus Loh was elected to be the new Treasurer. in addition Knight Derrick Chee was elected as the new Assistant Treasurer.

In his address, the President called on the Members to observe the Order’s Regulations promulgated on 18 February 2011. He drew attention to Article 6 and advised Members to bear in mind that the Order should be the spiritual home, notwithstanding that some may be serving other Catholic orders, secular institutions, communities or movements.

The Convectual Chaplain, Archbishop addressed the Members and called on them to live out the Charism of the Order. He listed out the four key points:

  1. KERYGMA (A Learning Community) Deepen your understanding of the Faith, study the Bible and cultivate a love for God’s Holy Word.
  2. KOINONIA (A Community of Fellowship) Be a community of fellowship. Reach out to one another in brotherly or sisterly love. Make efforts to know each other by name. Let there be no strangers in your midst.
  3. DIAKONIA (A Community of Service) Make use of your God-given gifts, your time, talents and resources to serve in the parish, your NCC and in the various ministries and reach out especially to the less fortunate.
  4. EUCHARISTIA (A Eucharistic community) Center your life on the Eucharist. Be nourished and strengthened by the Bread of Life and you will be able to reflect Christ to others.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, Members and some of the spouses together with, Associates and Friends, attended a fellowship dinner at the Singapore Island Country Club.

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