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23 Feb 2003 A Dame and ten Knights of Magistral Grace were invested in the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd to form the Singapore Delegation of the Australian Association of the order. His Grace Most Rev Msgr Nicholas Chia, DD, STL, Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore, was appointed the first Conventual Chaplain ad honorem.
02 Apr 2003 The Singapore Delegation responded to urgent requests for medicine and equipment aid from the besieged Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem. Infusion pumps, specialised antibiotics, and obstetrics medicines were shipped.
13 Nov 2003 Two Dames and three Knights of Magistral Grace were admitted into the Singapore Delegation.
12 Nov 2004 The Singapore Delegation was registered as a society in Singapore.
04 Dec 2004 The first Lourdes Experience was organised by the Singapore Delegation and held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium. 10,000 faithful attended the one-day event. Highlights included the Stations of the Cross, Eucharistic Celebration, Procession of the Adoration, and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament with synchronous healing prayers. The finale was a torchlight procession with recitations of the Rosary led by chanters in nine native languages/dialects and in English.
18 Mar 2005 The Singapore Delegation donated anti-tetanus vaccine and medicines to the Medan mission in aid of victims of the earthquake and tsunami.
01 May 2005 His Grace Archbishop Nicholas Chia, the chancellor of the Singapore Delegation, and two Friends of the Order made the first visit to Lawe Desky in South-eastern Aceh, Indonesia, to look at the restoration of a church bell tower and five school classrooms damaged by the earthquake preceding the tsunami. The projects were subsequently completed in May 2006.
07 Dec 2005 The Sovereign Council of the order approved the formation of the Singapore Association upon reaching the pre-requisite of 15 members.
20 Dec 2005 The Singapore Delegation donated a mural mosaic painting of Our Lady with Her Singaporean children to the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth, the Holy Land.
11 Feb 2006 The Singapore Association was installed in the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.
19 Feb 2006 The promulgation ceremony for the Singapore Association was held. His Excellency Most Rev Msgr Salvatore Pennacchio, Apostolic Nuncio to Singapore, conveyed the Papal Blessing along with a plaque from His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.
01 Jun 2005 The Singapore Association initiated a project with the Jesuit Refugee Service, in Pulau Aceh, 300km north of Banda Aceh, to rehouse 100 families in fishing villages destroyed by the Dec 2004 tsunami. This included new housing accommodations with seven new fishing boats. The project was funded by ACCT (Singapore) and the Singapore Red Cross Society.
15 Jan 2006 The president of the Singapore Association initiated two projects after an invitation by His Excellency Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio on 25 November 2005: 1) the purchase of an ambulance for the village of Koukachem, Laos, 2) the establishment of a nurses’ quarters and a clinic for the village of Chomchieng, Luang Prabang, in northern Laos.
08 Jun 2006 to
12 Jun 2006
In response to an urgent call from Malteser International, the worldwide relief agency of the order, the Singapore Association sent two senior orthopaedic surgeons to Bantul, Jogyakarta, in aid of earthquake victims.
24 Dec 2006 Susan Loh (Dame of Magistral Grace) returned to Our Lord.
08 May 2007 Nine members with their spouses, led by His Grace Archbishop Nicholas Chia, went on a 15-day pilgrimage to Lourdes and on the inaugural pilgrimage to Malta.
26 Jun 2007 &
27 Jun 2007
The Singapore Association staged the musical, “Return of the Prodigal Son”, a modern-day Singapore situated tale with biblical themes of sin, repentance, forgiveness, and return to Our Father. The musical garnered a combined audience of 500 over two nights of performance in the Esplanade Recital Studio in Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore. The musical raised S$127,000 for Marymount Convent and S$77,000 for aLife.
04 Nov 2007 A Dame and six Knights of Magistral Grace were admitted into the Singapore Association.
01 Dec 2007 A gala dinner was held to spread awareness of the Singapore Association and its activities, as well as in appreciation of its donors.
28 Feb 2008 The Singapore Association was admitted as a member of Malteser International.
30 Apr 2008 to
05 May 2008
22 members with their spouses, and friends joined the order’s international pilgrimage to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady, in Lourdes, France.
04 Sep 2008 The president of the Singapore Association, along with one member, joined several members from other associations of the order on a five-day assessment trip to the Malteser International Programme in Cambodia, covering the project areas in the provinces of Oddar Meanchey and Banteay Meanchey.
06 Dec 2008 The second Lourdes Experience was organised by the Singapore Association and held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium, attended by 10,000 faithful.
12 Feb 2008 The Singapore Association formed a sub-committee for medical and disaster relief.
15 Jan 2009 to
19 Jan 2009
The president and chancellor of the Singapore Association participated in the International Strategic Seminar of the order in Venice.
21 Feb 2009 The Singapore Association organised a bioethics seminar on ethical issues affecting Catholic healthcare professionals.
15 Dec 2009 to
30 Dec 2009
Members with their families attended a 15-day pilgrimage to Petra and the Holy Land (both Jordon and Israel).
07 Jul 2009 to
09 Jul 2009
A reprise of the “Prodigal Son” was staged in the Esplanade Recital Studio. S$330,000 was raised for Marymount Convent, aLife, St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged, and for the Singapore Association’s general missionary projects.
28 Jul 2009 to
16 Feb 2010
The Singapore Association sponsored Ms Marianne Ruth Tan as Youth Ambassador to attend the order’s CARAVAN summer camp in Lebanon. Funded and organised by the German Association and Lebanese Association, the summer camp allows young adults, older than 18 years, to spend ten voluntary months in Lebanon on social causes.
07 Nov 2009 The Singapore Association was recognised as a Charity with the Commissioner of Charities, Singapore.
06 Dec 2009 A dinner was held in appreciation of donors and participants in the projects of the Singapore Association.
17 Dec 2009 The Singapore Association made its inaugural Christmas pilgrimage to the Holy Land, until 31 December 2009.
28 Apr 2010 to
03 May 2010
Members with their families, supported by six medical specialists and 43 pilgrims, accompanied 18 malades on a one-week escorted pilgrimage to Lourdes, France.
26 May 2010 His Excellency Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio was invested as a member in the chapel of the order’s Grand Magistry in Via Condotti, Rome.
17 Sep 2010 to
18 Sep 2010
The inaugural Asia Pacific Regional Conference of the order was organised and hosted by the Singapore Association over three days in the Conrad Centennial Hotel, Singapore. The conferenced was graced by His Excellency Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, Grand Hospitaller of the order, and attended by ambassadors of the order to the Philippines, South-east Asia and the Far East, Thailand and Cambodia, and Timor-Leste, along with members from the Australian Association, CIOMAL, German Association, Malteser International, Order de Malte France, Philippines Association, and Western Association, USA. Representatives from the order’s Grand Magistry, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Japan were also present. The conference focused on the development of the order in the region, the role and mission of Malteser International, ‘diplomatic’ goals, and considerations for a regional structure of the order.
14 Sep 2010 The president of the Singapore Association was appointed as Vice-President of Malteser International in the Asia Pacific region.
04 Nov 2010 to
10 Nov 2010
Thomas Tan (Knight of Magistral Grace) attended the order’s International Spirituality Meeting in Rome.
28 Nov 2010 A Dame and two Knights of Magistral Grace were admitted into the Singapore Association.
10 Feb 2011 The Singapore Association distributed festive gifts to the residents of the Assisi Hospice.
14 Feb 2011 The president of the Singapore Association inaugurated a second clinic in Luang Prabang, Laos.
20 Sep 2011 to
05 Oct 2011
The inaugural cruise pilgrimage to Rhodes and Rome was held. In Rhodes, pilgrims visited the Grand Master’s Palace, walked the Street of the Knights, and visited the Monastery of Filerme (Philermos) where Our Lady’s iconic painting by St. Luke was kept for many years. In Rome, the entourage had an audience with the Grand Master of the order, toured the Grand Magistry, and attended the general audience of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.
14 Oct 2011 to
15 Oct 2011
The second Asia Pacific Regional Conference was held in Manila. The Singapore Association was represented by its president, chancellor, and hospitaller.
03 May 2012 The Singapore Association participated in the international Lourdes pilgrimage, together with malades.
17 May 2012 to
20 May 2012
The Grand Master of the order visited Singapore – the first ever visit by a Grand Master to Singapore. The president of the Singapore Association, Michael Khoo (Knight of Magistral Grace), was conferred the rank of Knight Grand Cross of Magistral Grace by the Grand Master.
20 Sep 2014 A Dame and four Knights of Magistral Grace were admitted into the Singapore Association.
06 Dec 2014 The third Lourdes Experience was organised by the Singapore Association and held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium, attended by some 11,200 faithful and members of the Australian Association.
04 July 2015 The SG50 Mass was held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium, in thanksgiving of Singapore’s golden jubilee. Attended by 10,000 faithful and guests, the Singapore Association participated in its organisation.
20 Dec 2015 Alphonsus Tan (Knight of Magistral Grace) returned to Our Lord.
20 Feb 2016 Two Knights of Magistral Grace were admitted into the Singapore Association.
3 April 2018 Alphonsus Loh Kum Fook (Knight of Magistral Grace) returned to Our Lord.


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